Pick up-drop weapon system


Hi Justin,

I want to limit the amount of item to be picked up. let's say 3.
Consider, there are 3 slots for weapons. player can switch among these 3 weapons.
if all 3 slots are full, then active weapon will be swapped by new weapon. (active weapon will be dropped and new weapon will be picked up)
if only 1 weapon in the inventory and 2 slots are empty, then new weapon goes to empty slot.

for now, we can pick up any number of weapons. there is no restriction.

According to me, when character pick up any weapon, at that time need to check if there is empty slot available.
if there is empty slot then weapon goes to particular slot
else weapon swapping will be done between new weapon & current weapon.

how can I achieve this?



Staff member
That configuration currently is not supported by the inventory system. For right now you'd need to create your own inventory. Tagging @Sangemdoko to ensure we have this use case covered for the future inventory asset.