Paid Work Requests


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There have been a few threads where somebody is looking for paid help with their project. These threads always get buried so their visibility goes away.

If you have a paid position available related to the Ultimate Character Controller feel free to post the details in this thread.

Edit: We also have a limited number of consulting hours available. Take a look at the bottom of the FAQ for our rates.
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That'd be awesome, I love to see what the price of some help in setting up advanced features of the product might be =)


Hey there,

I'm new to Opsive and how the character controller works!
It would be awesome if I could have 2 - 4 hours over team viewer and discord voice chat to ask questions and tips on how I can properly use this system.
Looking for some help with creating an animator controller for my character to work with the Ultimate Character Controller parameters - I have a character with a bunch of animations. I can create a basic controller for movement but other than that Im lost.

Let me know your rates



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Looking for someone to complete set up opsive TPS with my character model, weapons, pick ups health etc. The full set up. Then send back to me in unity.


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Looking for someone to convert a sprite-sheet to a model. Need a fully rigged model that plays nice with UCC. Bonus for first person arms.

The forum-avatar I am using is 1 frame from one of the sprite-sheets for example.

Just the one for a prototype. If quality is good, I have 6 plus another 3 for another game.

Private message me for specific details.