Paid Work Requests


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There have been a few threads where somebody is looking for paid help with their project. These threads always get buried so their visibility goes away.

If you have a paid position available related to the Ultimate Character Controller feel free to post the details in this thread.


That'd be awesome, I love to see what the price of some help in setting up advanced features of the product might be =)


I would love to pay someone to create a wall run. Also a wall jump like super smash bros melee but 3d. So if a jump button is pressed at the moment of impact on the wall, it will be activated. But only the exact opposite direction of the wall unless using directional influence during and then it will translate

A tech ability like in smash bros melee as well. So if someone loses their footing from being airborne, knocked down or sideways, their will be a timing window in which right as ur about to hit the ground or wall while your character is out of control from being hit, you can press the teching button to catch yourself and flip back to right side up and on your feet and continue fighting . So if tech is not used in time, your character hits the ground and slams on the ground or skids and rolls in a daze and then gets back up normally with a directional influence from your controller.
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