ItemViewDropAction to play sound on drag and drop in inventory


The Inventory system seem to lack a ItemViewDropAction to play sounds on moving equippment in the inventory.
See this short clip for reference:

Would be awsome to be enable to play a unity event for draging and dropping items!
Thank you for the request.
I've added both an ItemAction and an ItemViewDropAction for playing audio.

In addition I've added a Unity event to both the drag and the drop handlers, as well as on the CursorManager.
That should hopefully make it a lot easier to hook up your own audio (or any other effects) easily.

Please find all the scripts attached


  • PlayAudioClipItemAction.cs
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  • ItemViewDropPlayAudioClip.cs
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  • ItemViewDropHandler.cs
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  • ItemViewSlotCursorManager.cs
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  • ItemViewSlotDragHandler.cs
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