Items not equipping


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So when I try to put an item in the EquippedSlots category I get these two errors and also the equip/unequip item ability seems to not recognize the item set category


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As the error mention the equipping system can't find the prefab to spawn for the item you are trying to equipp.
From the logs I can assume you are using the integration with UCC.

To equip an Item you must define the prefab to spawn within an attribute in the ItemDefinition Editor.
It can either be a GameObject array

or a GameObject
The name must match exactly what you have in the Character Inventory Bridge

And of course the Item prefab must be setup like shown in the video tutorials, such that the UCC system can use that item.
I hope that helps, make sure to double check the documentation and the video tutorial as all of this is mentioned there and you might have missed other important things:


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So even after I followed the video tutorial I still get this one error that doesn't let me equip the itemCapture.PNG


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It's the first time I see this error.

It seems there is something wrong with your Item prefab or the Character Item Slot. The Thrid Person Persepective Item does not know where to spawn.

What character controller are you using?
Also could you try following the documentation/video steps again exactly as they are shown, you may have missed something important.

You can send me a screen shot of your Item Prefab, and your Character Item Slot just to make sure they are correct?