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Using Unity 2022.3.17 and latest updated version of Ul.
Created 2 Item Description panels, bound both to My Inventory Grid and selected numerous Item view modules, but never do I receive an item description, only "No Item Selected." Suggestions?


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Is it possible you have another "MyInventoryGrid" in your scene and that you are bound to the wrong one?

You mention you have two ItemDescriptions. What is your use case for that? I've never tried that myself so that might be what caused the UI Designer to be confused.

Send me a screenshot of your InventoryGrid gameobject and all its components. But particularly the ItemDescriptionBinding components. They probably aren't referencing the ItemDescriptions properly
I am sorry for the confusion. I should state, that whether I use the item description that builds with the project, or create another item description as well, that neither work in defining the objects. So pictures 20 and 21 show my current configuration, and picture 23 shows current configuration PLUS creating a new item description in hopes of getting one or the other to describe the selected object. Picture 24 shows the binding of the My Inventory Grid that I bound. I have watched tutorial video Item view slot container (inventory Grid) at time about 18:00 on. I notice when you create the item, (picture 25), the description, the attribute, the name and value show up where they never do on mine. I really hope this helps. Again, Thank you.


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If I were you I would compare you InventoryGrid game object with the one in the Description feature scene (I have two I believe)
The feature scene showcase a basic working example and also have some text that explains how things are setup.
I figured out the problem. Somewhere I renamed the "Description String) to "DEH string". As soon as I renamed it back to Description, everything works great. Thank you for the help, it was going through item by item from your Demo to my game that the wife caught this error. Thank goodness for wives :)


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