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Inventory subtracts 3 grenade Item Amounts instead of 1


UCC 2.4.4
UIS 1.2.4
Unity 2020.3

Hi and happy new year!

I set up a grenade and everything is working fine except that when I throw it, it always uses 3 amounts instead of just one.

There is only one grenade spawned to the scene though but in the Inventory component under Item Amounts I see 3 amounts subtracted.
There are no error messages.

Do you maybe have any idea what could possibly cause this?




Staff member
That's odd, perhaps it has something to do with the settings on the Grenade Item prefab.
Could you double check that it works correctly in the demo scene for you? If it does then compare your grenade with the one from the demo scene


I thought I allready checked it but you gave the right hint.

I checked it again, this time property for property and it turns out that when on the Grenade Item, the "Stop Use Ability Delay" is to low, the amounts used in the inventory get weird.

You can confirm this in the ingegration demo when you set the delay to 0.01 or something in that region, 2 grenades get subtracted.