Inventory Persistence

Question about saving and loading inventory. I use easy save to save things and I am still new to programming, so I was wondering if there is a way to get the inventory state so I can then reload with scene changes or loading the game. Not sure if it's possible, something the Dialogue system does is contains all the quest in one location that I can call a save/load by easy save to keep data. I know this is a character controller, so i understand if this is something that would not be in the scope of this project, maybe to specific.
Cool, ok what would be the best way to add items via code? Say if I create my own system, is there a way to give the player say a specific amount of ammo, or a gun. I experimented with the pickup script but I did not get super far with that yet.

For example, say in my script I set a bool for when the player picks up a axe. Then later when you reload the game or change scenes, I reference my bool, then based on the bool fire a script to give the player the axe back.