How to use dynamic variables


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I choose target task(random int)and set store result is dynamic variable, but the field cannot enter a value other than numbers.

Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:


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Are you using the latest version of Behavior Designer? That was a bug that has been fixed. If you are using the latest I must not have released this updated version yet - if you send me a PM with your unity version I'll send you the fixed version.


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I somehow fixed it just now. Instead of reinstalling over BD installation, I completedly deleted the folder this time from /plugins/behavior designer

Reinstalled it again from package manager, and it default installs to /asset/behavior designer.

Still bugged.

Then I moved it back into /plugins folder just to keep it organized.

and it's now fixed.


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I think because I had some Asmdefs, they were not updating the DLLs possibly.
To fix it, can't just do Reimport of the folder, have to follow the delete steps above.
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