How to save runtime spawned items


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I have one item in my game that only exists once. It is either in the inventory of one player, or it is spawned. If it is in the inventory, it will be regularly saved. But what about when it has been spawned? Is there any intended way to save that kind of objects, or do I have to write my own special saver?

Thanks, Christian


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The system comes built-in with a few Saver components. But we do not have an ItemObject Saver. Additionally we do not have a Saver for spawned objects.

The way the Save system works is by saving and loading to registered Savers in the scene. Savers register themselves to the save system on awake. Therefore Spawned objects cannot have savers. Instead the component that spawned that object, should keep track of it. and that component should be the one with the custom Saver component.

Our save system is supposed to be used to save Inventory and Item states, but it is not a full fledged save system. It requires either custom savers to be built ontop of our system. Or to be used inside another third party save system. You can learn more on how to do that on this page: