How to get all character item, if they not not are equipped?


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How to get all items in inventory as character items(not equipped) ?
I want the agent to switch weapons available in inventory, but as far as i know in CharacterInventoryBridge getting character items requires an item slot. It mean the item must be equipped


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Just to clear things up.
There are 3 states:
Not Equipped : In the Inventory but not in any CharacterBridge Item Collection
Soft Equipped : In one of the CharacterBridge Item Collection, but not actively equipped (This item can be shown in a holster but cannot be used)
Active Equipped : Actively equipped on the character, the Item is visible and can be used.

You do not need an ItemSlotCollection for equipment. It can be any type of ItemCollection. All you need is to set its name in the list of ItemCollection within the InventroyCharacterBridge component.

You can get all the Items in an ItemCollectionn by getting it by name and looping through the ItemStacks. Checkout these pages for examples: