How to complete task manually?


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I want to stop last active task and start next one. I tried this way, but it makes last task disabled and doesn't start next task. How is it possible to do what I need?

BehaviorDesigner.Runtime.Tasks.Task lastTask = null;

behaviorTree.GetActiveTasks().ForEach(action => {
  lastTask = action

if (lastTask != null) {
  lastTask.Disabled = true;


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Arbitrarily stopping and starting tasks isn't part of the behavior tree specification so you aren't able to directly do this within the tree traversal. You have a few options:

- Use conditional aborts to reevaluate when the branch should execute
- Use the interrupt task to interrupt a branch. The Perform Interruption task can then interrupt it.
- Create a set of base classes which can return success/failure at any time. This will involve changing the base class for any task that you use but it does sound the most similar to what you are going for.


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Thanks for advise!

I started to investigate each of these ways and have a question. Does it true that the only one way to share variable from my script to some task is creation custom task and use shared variable?