HEYYYY looking for a PROGRAMMER to do some Freelance work. I CAN PAY !!! :)


it could be a one time gig 🙂 could be more

so hi guys 0 this is my game (prototype) - side scroller action with dark pokemons

yes, my game currently has a flying tiger grenade for a dark phantom - it's funny - we can all take a moment.

but that's why I am asking for help:I am not a programmer, and just now starting to work with a local professional programmer.

the project is leaned heavily on the Opsive TPS, and so I am looking for someone experienced with the TPS to help us start out strong.

THE Biggest issue I need help with is: combining Opsive TPS with 4quad animals. both player-driven and AI. (animals should mostly be spawned by the player and then have basic behaviors like move, detect, move, but some are controlled by the player as main protagonist)
Second issue is in general - better 2.5D AI behavior.

so if someone here thinks he could help out, let me know on a private message.if you have some information you kindly want to share that would be great, but if you want to:make some money + help me save money on long researchit could be some consulting work to get us on the right track, or even just a few days of work establishing a p.o.c for this feature.
- could be a study collaboration who knows

spread the word. help people get payed :)

thanks alot guys