Help with Behavior Designer UCC integration

I think I'm missing something here. I downloaded the ultimate first-person controller and the behavior designer. when I go to the integrations download page I don't see the demo levels that are in the video. Theirs only the simple ones with the triangles and stuff. Did they get taken down? Would like to play with a tree that's set up and play around with one that's working.
yes, that's the one, I installed UCC first then imported BD but that Demo is not there I probably did the integrations wrong? Your file structure is different than mine. Do I need to install BD first then import UCC into BD integrations folder? I thought integrations was a separate download. sorry for the newbie questions. Thanks for the help I know you guys are very busy, I love assets, by the way, can't wait to understand them better.
Thank you, I got it working. I installed BD and then I went and downloaded the UCC integration and it works like a charm. This system is awesome, I have been messing around with it and it's going to save me a lot of time. I was looking for a BD integration download, not a UCC download that's where I was confused. I got UCC first from the asset store and then purchased BD from your web site. Thank you for getting back to me and helping, I appreciate it.