Full A* Integration?

Just wondering if/when we'll see full A* integration into BD. Currently, my project relies on A* because of the nature of generating the navmesh on runtime and the disadvantage to using Off-Mesh Links across even surfaces (tilesets). I've looked at the documentation for the integrations for the movement pack and have also searched the task list for "A*" but no results have been found. Apparently some of the tasks I've added only work with Unity's navmesh system, which makes for a very unfortunate situation.

I'm kind of halted until then, unless I've missed something, or unless I rewrite everything to work again on Unity's Navmesh, which again, will cause the issue of weird animations while traversing across even surfaces via Off-Mesh Links.
I understand this, however, doing simple tasks like "Within Distance" don't work with A*, so I can't check to see if the player has entered an aggro radius. Is there an alternative to this? Untitled.png


Staff member
Within Distance should work - it doesn't use the navmesh at all and is just checking the transform distances.