Footsteps are not placed because UltimateCharacterLocomotion is disabled


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I've been working in the CustomMultiplayerDemoRoom scene that comes with the Ultimate Character Controller PUN Multiplayer Add-On, and I recently realized that I can't hear all characters' footsteps. More specifically, on a given client I can only hear the footsteps of characters whose UltimateCharacterLocomotion components are enabled on that client. So if there are two players in the demo room, each player can hear his own footsteps but not the other player's footsteps (because each player's UltimateCharacterLocomotion component is only enabled on that player's local client).

Upon further analysis the reason for this seems to be that the CharacterFootEffects script (the one responsible for footsteps) is heavily reliant on the UltimateCharacterLocomotion script, and if the latter script is disabled on the local client (and for each character, UltimateCharacterLocomotion is enabled on one client and disabled on all others) then the former script will not place any footsteps, so the local player doesn't hear any footstep sounds.

So my question is, can this bug be fixed so that all players can hear all other characters' footsteps? And in the meantime, what can I do to ensure that each player can hear all other characters' footsteps? Thanks!

Also, in case it's relevant:
- I am using Ultimate Character Controller version 2.2, with PUN Multiplayer, Agility Pack, and Swimming Pack add-ons installed.
- I am using Unity version 2019.3.11f1
- If you would like to reproduce this issue yourself, just open two copies of the CustomMultiplayerDemoRoom scene (so that two players get spawned into the game), and mute one of the copies you have running. Then, have the muted player (the player from the copy that was muted) walk around the non-muted player. You will hear nothing, because no footsteps are being placed on the client of the non-muted player. If this issue did not exist, then you would instead hear the footsteps of the muted player as he walks around the non-muted player.