FinalIK Bridge ArgumentNullException Parameter name: key error

Using TPC controller only.
So I'm getting this error from the Final IK Bridge component. I modified the bridge component to have a second AimIK component for dual wielding. The AimIK works but I get this error and I believe it's causing some other issues. Regardless I'd like to fix it.

It looks like some kind of error due to the fact that I added a second AimIK and I guess I need to find a way to create a second key for the Dictionary list?? This is a guess as I'm not an expert with programming.

So I would like to know how to solve this if I can myself.

OR......if I remove the FinalIKBridge component from my player character I don't get the error but then the lookIK has weird behavior. The characters head will look around but if it stays at the same rotation (looking left or right) for more than a second it starts jittering.

So I need to know if it's easier for me to get the bridge component to add a second key for the second aimIK or if there is a known solution for the jittering without the finalikbridge.

Thank you.


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I'm not very familiar with FinalIK, but unfortunately as far as I know there's no easy way to go about adding a second AimIK component as you've discovered, you'd likely need to manually edit some of the Final IK Bridge code which I believe assumes a single AimIK component.
Yes I've already gotten to that point. I have two AimIK components on my character. I have modified the FinalIKBridge to have two AimIK components and two IK target transforms. I have the characters hands with the weapons following the aim target.

My issue is that I'm getting the "Key Value" error and I would like to know how to resolve that. Is it something with adding a key to a dictionary or list?


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The default FinalIKBridge doesn't contain a dictionary so it looks like this exception is related to some of the code that you added.