Errors After Importing DeathMatchAi and behavioral Trees


Hello all. Im getting errors on my Ultimate TPS controller project after importing DeathmatchAI and the behavioral trees and movement packs. One of the erros appearing many times is: "The type or namespace name 'UltimateCharacterController' does not exist in the namespace 'BehaviourDesigner.Runtime.Tasks' (are you missing an assembly)(edited). Im also getting several DeathbyAi errors saying 'the type or namespace name could not be found for several names, StartStopUse, SharedItemDefinitionBase, ItemSetCategoryDrawer. I am using Unity 2019.4.18f1. I have the Third Person Controller, along with deathbyAi and all of its preq's. Can someone tell me how to fix this.


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Based off of those errors it doesn't look like you've imported the character controller / Behavior Designer integration files. There's a link at the top of this page:



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I had the same issue, didn't realize I needed to download an external package to get it to work. Also, since the name of the download is different than what we're told to download it's a bit confusing. Even with the image, if you don't own the UCC you may assume that means to DL the TPCC.

Once I downloaded the UCC and installed the package the namespace errors were resolved.