Error: The Head bone is not assigned to the character XX


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Trying to get my first character to work here. I keep getting the error message in the subject line upon start. That's the only error. I can read from the code that it means the animator is returning a null head bone.
  • In Avatar mapping I can see the head bone assigned
  • My character rig works flawlessly with some humanoid test animations using a test asset (EverydayMotionPackFree)
  • I am using an empty scene with just the necessary things
  • I have tried recreating the scene, reimporting the character and re-rigging using a different method. Same error remains.
  • If I comment out the head bone check, I get a leg bone error. So it's not about the head bone but bones in general
  • First Person Controller = 2.2.5
  • Unity = 2020.1.0b16.4139