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Hello, I have the 2.4.9 version of UTPS at 75 € ticket
and I just bought the climbing addon at 15 €. ticket
When I matter the addon I receive 4 errors:


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The Climbing Pack requires version 3 of the character controller. Version 2 is no longer supported. I've removed your order numbers since this is a public forum.
Okay, but it is not stipulated anywhere that I should not buy this pack. I thought it would work anyway, with my version which dates from October 2022. How can I proceed, or is it possible to buy the V3 (which is I suppose with the melee weapons), but without buying the side Shooter that I have already paid € 75?

sorry for english ,I am french and I am not speak english
The requirements for the Climbing Pack include a link to the versions of the controller that it requires, and all of those are for version 3. You should see a discounted upgrade price for version 3 of the controller. In version 3 we no longer split it up based on the available weapons.

The price does not change it is 125 €, or I do not see how to do . I have paye on your site Opsive and not on Unity assets:)
I bet I should have bought it on Unity Asset to see the difference in the price of the blow.
Is it possible to have the reduction directly on your site ?, As I did not take it on the Unity Assets site.
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