Deathmatch AI Kit Released on the Opsive Store


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The Deathmatch AI Kit has been released on the Opsive Store! The Deathmatch AI Kit includes a set of behavior tree tasks with one goal: eliminate all enemy targets. In order to accomplish this goal the agents will move in formations, take cover, determine the best weapon, and strategically attack the target. The documentation for the Deathmatch AI Kit can be found on this page.

The Deathmatch AI Kit will be released on the Asset Store as soon as it is stable for Opsive Store users. The Deathmatch AI Kit requires the following assets:
The Deathmatch AI Kit was previously released for version 1 of the Third Person Controller. When it is released on the Asset Store there will be an upgrade price of $5 set for previous purchases. This discount does not apply to the Opsive Store.