Deathmatch Agent Dual Melee Weapon


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I've created a boss type agent. I want it to use dual hammers. I've set up two hammers (Right and Left) in the Items Collection. I can get the agent to use the right hammer, or the left hammer, but not both at the same time. Is there a was to get the agent to use both hammers are the same time? I looked through the other posts trying to find a previous post for this topic. I thought there was one, but now I can't find it.
So you want the character to swing both arms at the same time with both hammers? This is an interesting use case and is not supported by the Deathmatch AI Kit out of the box. The Determine Weapon task looks for a single weapon and does not try to equip dual items. You will need to modify this task in order to add support for it. In addition, when the item is used you will need to have start both use abilities instead of just a single one.