Damage Indicators (Arrows) not showing, Health Flash does though


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Having trouble getting the 'Damage Indicators' (damage arrow direction indicators) to show.

The DamageIndicatorMonitor script picks up my character fine, all options checked true but the object doesn't get activated for some reason.

It is set active in the prefab but stays inactive at runtime and won't activate.

I'm using PUN, being attacked by a PUN AI, with PUN projectiles - I get the 'HealthFlash' and 'Health' UI updates and I can die, just don't get the direction arros showing up!



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Ah ok so I placed a debug in the DamageIndicatorMonitor component and found it was giving the 'return' value and not progressing past the line:

// Don't show a hit indicator if the force is 0 or there is no attacker. This prevents damage such as fall damage from showing the damage indicator. if ((!m_AlwaysShowIndicator && force.sqrMagnitude == 0) attacker == null m_ActiveDamageIndicatorCount == m_ActiveDamageIndicators.Length)
{ Debug.Log("DAMAGE DEBUG 1");
return; }

Not sure which condition is stopping it. Perhaps attacker==null? The attacker is PUN character with standard Deathmatch AI Behaviour, firing PUN projectiles....


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So I commented out the above conditions, then placed a debug after the next line which is:

var attackerPosition = (m_FollowAttacker && m_CharacterTransform != attacker.transform) ? attacker.transform.position : position;

This time I got nothing, which makes me think that the 'attacker ==null'. I assume this is something to do with the attacker not being identified in the projectile it is firing. I don't know how the projectile/shooting system works, off to investigate this now!


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Are you able to reproduce the problem in a fresh PUN project?
Hi @Justin yes same result in a clean project

- 2020.3
- Latest UCC / Photon PUN2 / PUN2 UCC Add-On
- Create Build for Menu and DemoRoom
- Launch in editor and Build
- NO Damage Indicators in both editor and build

(HealthFlash works, arrows don't)


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Hi @Justin

Has this been fixed in 1.1.16?

I'm not sure about the second point as to whether that is this thread issue or not?! (pic attached)


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