Crest Ocean System integration

i use the store version, i believe they are they same but with a few differences on performance and graphics, any idea how to implement this? its the only missing piece in my game :p
I created a empty game objects and placed all my ocean components in the inspector, and made its layer water , added the box collider and did as stated above
could you please make a video about it? it's been around 1 year and no one bothered to make one
I am using the Crest system with the standard swim ability. I set the "Water height detection method" to custom, and created a script that updates the water height every frame (through the SetWaterSurfacePosition() method of the swim ability).
Then I had to adjust the trigger height of the ocean to be on the level of the highest waves. I also had to set the "Surface buoyancy amount" of the swim ability to 0.5. With this if works just fine. Here's my minimal script.

namespace Ai.Atnc.Abilities
    using Opsive.UltimateCharacterController.AddOns.Swimming;
    using Opsive.UltimateCharacterController.Character;
    using UnityEngine;
    using Crest;

    public class SetWaterHeight : MonoBehaviour
        private UltimateCharacterLocomotion characterLocomotion;
        private Swim swimAbility;
        private SampleHeightHelper sampleHeightHelper = new SampleHeightHelper();

        private void Start()
            characterLocomotion = GetComponent<UltimateCharacterLocomotion>();
            swimAbility = characterLocomotion.GetAbility<Swim>();  

        void Update()
            var sampledHeight = SampleWaterHeight();

        private float SampleWaterHeight()
            var position = characterLocomotion.transform.position;

            sampleHeightHelper.Init(position, 0f, false);

            sampleHeightHelper.Sample(out float height);

            return height;


Im trying your implementation but can't figure out the,
"Then I had to adjust the trigger height of the ocean to be on the level of the highest waves"
Could you please help me understand your implementation?


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You need to put a box collider around the whole area of the water and make sure the Y value is large enough that it conatains all the crest water.

In my scene I have a water collider that covers the whole scene, like this:

Here are my swim ability settings:

And then add that script to your player and that should be it.