Changing the Icon for External Behavior Trees

I have a ton of scriptable objects in my project and wanted to have better organization and visibility.

You can change the icon showing a scriptable object and I want to do exactly that with external trees as I have a lot.

The way to normally do that is to click the script and in the inspector click the top left script icon (C#) and you have a selection there where you can also press other and then pick a different icon. I did this with the external tree but it doesn't work for the scriptable object themselves.

I guess it's because of a specific editor script?

Please help!

Edit: the picture got cropped sadly but you can still see what I'm talking about so it's fine.



Staff member
This sounds like it could be a Unity feature request - the external trees are a scriptable object and I'm not setting a custom icon so Behavior Designer wouldn't be overriding anything.
That's how it works for the majority of SOs - change the icon of the script and the SOs will follow, but it just didn't for external trees. I don't seem to have the editor source code and I was wondering if you could disable that inspector just to check if it then magically works. Could you try that?