Can't understand, VR character suddenly starts scene with empty weapon?


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I've had the VR add-on since release date & still confused on how some things work. Since my last update, in the VR Demo scene the character starts holding 2 grenades, the right grenade can throw 1, but the left had the grenade just stays in the player's hand. Normally before the update the player starts empty handed. I looked at all the settings & I can not find where the grenades are being equipped by default.
In my own scene now my character now starts off with a pistol in the right hand, the pistol is empty with no animations. Again I can not figure out why the player is holding the pistol by default when the scene starts. I don't see where this is being equipped.?
Please help


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In this situation I would place a breakpoint within Inventory.EquipItem. From here you can take a look at the callstack to determine where the equip is occurring. It will either be triggered by the SlotEquip ability or the EquipUnequip ability.