Bug? Third Person Top Down - inverted mouse?


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Unity 2019.4.3f1
UCC: 2.2.3

when I use 3rd Person Top Down, my mouse steers in the wrong direction!

Ex. If I move my mouse to the left, my character looks to the right and vice versa!
If I move my mouse down (back) my character looks up (front) and vice versa!

If I press ESC and move my mouse in the IDE, the character works again and looks in the right direction!

If I use 1st person or "Third Person Adventure" I've no problems... :) Only 3rd top down....

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Thor :)


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My Solution, for the next beginner like me:

MainCamera -> Camera Controller (Script) -> View Types -> Under View Type select "Third Person Top Down"

-> Forward Axis: X=0 -> Y=0 -> Z=180
-> Up Axis: X=0 -> Y=1 -> Z=0

Have fun :)
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