(BUG) Missing presets error for demo scene without agility add-on


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Here's a bug.

  1. Import First Person Controller 2.4.4*
  2. Import Third Person Controller 2.4.4*
  3. Install both with the setup*
  4. Install climbing add-on (1.04)
  5. Open climbing demo scene and attempt to play scene.
Immediate errors that the capsule collider under Nolan doesn't have presets--it is expecting abilities for ledge strafe and crawl, which aren't part of the climbing add-on. If you install the agility pack, it works. A customer shouldn't need the agility pack for the climbing add-on and demo to work. The climbing add-on should work as it's own product.

*error will probably happen with either controller

Thank you. You are correct - those two states should be removed. I've removed them for the next update :)