[Bug] Fireball collision and spawning issues


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Hello, here is a video showing the fireball projectile getting abruptly lowered into the ground when colliding with the ground, and a multitude of fireball projectiles being needlessly instantiated. These issues were not present in V2, and it's worth mentioning that the additional projectiles issue only seems to occur with the demo fireball, I haven't met this issue when experimenting with my own fireball.

I've got a fireball tutorial that is nearly ready, I just can't finish and release it while this issue collision issue is around ! Hope this can be taken a look at and fixed, thanks in advance.
Unfortunately, 3.0.17 did not fully fix the fireball. First of all, we still have those unnecessary clones when using the demo fireball. But the most important issue is the ground collision, which seems to be handled in a counter intuitive way by the Projectile component, which does not correctly use the attached collider's values. Here is a video about it :

In summary, we need some clear cut collision parameters added to this component, and be able to use a collider's boundary without the rotation or center offset messing up the collision. At the moment, it's not possible to work with that and the fireball tutorial will have to wait. Hope this can be fixed for good, thanks.