[Bug] Drive ability immediately stopped on remote client after ability started (UCC 2.2.5 / PUN-Add-on)


when the drive ability is started on the local client (with teleport=true) the final step is a call to SetPositionAndRotation of the UltimateCharacterLocomotion (putting the player on the driver seat). This call is done with the parameter stopAllAbilities = false. This call triggers an RPC on the remote client. On the remote client the SetPositionAndRotation call is converted to a local call with stopAllAbilities = true (line 1953 of the UltimateCharacterLocomotion script). As a result, the remote player will stop the ability immediately again.



Staff member
Thanks for the report - I'll add a parameter to INetworkCharacter.SetPositionAndRotation so it uses stopAllAbilities.