Behavior Designer - Movement pack error


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Hello, when trying to use a pathfinding task in the behavior tree for an object, I get an error. For what I know, I have to use a sort of plane to allow the pathfinding to work but my game is 2D and I'm not sure how to properly execute the pathfinding tasks without getting this error.

Based on that error you haven't baked a navmesh for the NavMeshAgent. I haven't tried using the navmesh for 2D before but if that doesn't work you can use the A* Pathfinding Project.
Thank you, I have already tried baking the nevmesh, I believe the problem comes from not using a sort of plane/surface for the nevmesh to be detected on. When I use a terrain, all the errors disapeared but the objects don't move nor act properly. Is there some sort of 2d terrian I could use? I would love to use the movement pack built in tasks instead of using the A* Pathfinding Project and creating them myself.
This is probably a better question for the Unity forum as I haven't used the NavMeshAgent in a 2D environment. I do know that the A* Pathfinding Project supports the 2D perspective.
Ok, I will try my best to fix it on my own but so far using the movement pack for the behavior designer has been quite hard to implement due to the lack of documentation.