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    Error with Dialogue System and Equipped Items

    Are you able to equip and unequip normally? I feel like something might be incorrectly set in your item abilities.
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    Weapon Attachments Configuration for UFPS/FPC

    Hey @rkeown I’m glad to read you appear to be out of the woods. That sounds like an awful experience. All the best, mate. Keep it up!
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    Malbers/Dialogue System integration

    Ok, so I just needed to allow the Converse ability to be active as well. Here are some screen grabs of the changes I made incase anyone coes across this. And, incase anyone is looking for the package, click here
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    Malbers/Dialogue System integration

    Hi Justin Thanks for the reply, ment to post my fix, well most of it - the opsive UI is still present durring the conversation but i should be able to figure that out. The issue was that in order to have the RideHAP ability to be active and trigger a conversation simultaniously I needed to...
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    URP Set up

    Ok, thanks Christian I was confused because on the Third Person Downloads page the URP package is listed there.
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    Malbers/Dialogue System integration

    Bit of a complex one here that is hopefully not that complex. Working with Malbers and Dialogue System integrations. Using the Malbers integration demoscene I've added a Dialogue System Manager + database and a cube that is interactable that starts a conversation. If I walk up to the cube I...
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    URP Set up

    Question about this integration. Is it required for the Third Person Controller in a URP project? Feel like it would only be for the scope of a rifle, in which case I'm not using one so wouldn't need it then. Thanks
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    Adventure Kit WIP

    Great suggestions @r4opsive I feel like they’re pretty set for the plan for the initial release but hopefully these and some other suggestions (gravity for arrows ;) ) can be added through updates.
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    NavMeshAgent Movement demo script issue

    🤦 I didn't read that correctly, I thought that field on the component was for the destination. whoops.
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    NavMeshAgent Movement demo script issue

    Hi, A colleague was trying to get basic movement working with the NavMeshAgent using the script here They got stuck though because m_Character returns null in this case.
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    Deathmatch AI demo scene issues

    Like Justin mention, looks like you need to run your project set up from the UCC wizard.
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    Sorry, @Vahalla, I just can’t see this happening We tried Atavism but gave up on it because of what makes it great for MMO - A general lack of physics. Opsive Character Controllers are a physics based system (damage applied on contact, raycast detection for interactions, etc) whereas Atavism...
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    Adventure Kit WIP

    @opsai You can use the throwable item type for spears. It is very limited but does give you a semblance of a realistic spear throw. But I agree that eventually a more refined ability for this would be extremely welcomed.
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    PUN 2 Long term

    In case anyone is curious, preview packages for Fusion are available here Gotta say, it's looking very promising.
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    Quest Machine Integration Not Pulling Focus on Dialogue Start

    I haven’t used Quest Machine in a while but I assume that it still works similar to Dialogue System. Is there a more specific ability in the QM integration? For example, in DS there is a Talk ability and with this you can release the mouse (and camera, if you want) while in a conversation...