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    ECS, Unity Physics compatibility

    Hi Justin, I was wondering wether you are planning on making the UCC compatible to ECS. UCC is already fine for gameplay and I don't plan to have hundreds of characters running around. But I really would like to benefit from the vastly increased loadtimes and efficiency benefits when using ECS...
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    Ultimate Character Controller integration error

    The version seems to be current: 2.2.8, Unity Version is 2020.1.17f1 I commented the line out for now and that works. I'm not even shure what I disabled, so sooner or later this will probably come back at me... ;-)
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    Ultimate Character Controller integration error

    Hi, I just installed the Ultimate Character controller integration and am getting the following error: Assets\Behavior Designer\Integrations\UltimateCharacterController\Scripts\Tasks\GetItemIdentifierAmount.cs(45,71): error CS1503: Argument 1: cannot convert from 'ItemType' to...
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    Authoritative Server with Forge Alloy, UCC and UIS

    Very nice. I'd be very interested in your code as well. I have already purchased the PUN plugin which is fine for initial development (I'm just a couple of days into a new project) but definitely not fit for a release. Maybe you can work something out with Justin as he has already stated theat...
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    Mirror Networking for UCC Add-on

    I really need this, too. I would back this project before it is finished just to keep it going. Or would it at least be possible to get access to the project if it really has been abandoned? Does anybody know the current status?
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    Climbing System

    @aledg: how did your efforts go so far? I'll have to do the very same thing in january, it looks easy in the video but I'm sure there are a bunch of problems I'm not seeing yet...