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    Sniper Scope Camera

    Don't know if this is related to this topic but when I try to add a state to the sniperUI I get this message: "Unable to add preset. AimSniperRifleThirdPersonAdventurePreset.asset isn't located within the same project directory." Unity 2020
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    Assault Rifle Firing Animation Replacement

    Thank you Justin and Andrew! Yes the issue seems to be a bug in version 2019.3.15f1 so I guess I'll upgrade!
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    Assault Rifle Firing Animation Replacement

    How do you replace the animations for the assault rifle fire? I can change the aim animations in the blend tree but the firing blend tree does not allow me to switch out the animations!
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    Driving Ability Stuttering

    I figured it out: root motion on the character must be enabled and the update location should be update instead of fixed update
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    Driving Ability Stuttering

    With the most current update of the character controller I am having an issue with the drive ability; any character I put into the demo scene with the ability will get in the car just fine but when you start driving the car stutters as it drives! Nolan works just fine but other characters will...
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    Multiplayer Character Kills & Scoring

    I have not been able to figure this out myself; for some reason using the same character gives both players the points which I don't understand because they are different players by the ActorID.
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    Third Person Controller and CTS Complete

    I figured it out by trial and error, it is in the Gaia asset; when designing a world you have to delete or shut off the world designer. Once you shut that off Nolan goes right back to walking normal!
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    Third Person Controller and CTS Complete

    Okay, I have tested the newest version of Gaia and CTS Complete with both version 2.1 and 2.2 of the Third Person Character Controller and have come to the conclusion that something in the controller is the root of the problem. Version 2.1 works just fine; footsteps play everytime Nolan's foot...
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    Third Person Controller and CTS Complete

    I have had no issues in using Gaia for my terrain builder with character 2.1 but I have noticed that when I put CTS Shader onto the terrain all of a sudden Nolan only produces a footstep sound every other footstep! Looking at what CTS does it seems to take all the terrain textures and put into...
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    Version 2.2 Released

    Yes that error went away after I cleared the cache but now the character no longer stops running he slides across the terrain to a stop! Version 2 did not do this but I really want that drive ability! EDIT: Okay, weird but if I build a new terrain everything works perfect but if I use a...
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    Version 2.2 Released

    Met with this error when trying to build a new character even after starting a new project and importing 2.2: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Opsive.UltimateCharacterController.Editor.Managers.CharacterManager.DrawNewCharacter () (at...
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    Difference In Build and Editor

    So I am noticing a HUGE difference in between the editor and building the game using the third person character: I can shoot the character in the head and he will die instantly in the editor yet when I build the game it seems the colliders get enlarged?? When I build and play I can shoot about a...
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    Multi Character Selection issue

    Yes I did get it working; sorry I didn't see these replies earlier. You will add the character prefabs to the character spawn script. Modify a few of Justins scripts in order to get a default and custom character and then repeat for as many characters as you need! Now the way I have mine...
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    Activating GameObject On Killer?

    I am wondering how I can go about enabling a GameObject on the attacking player when the local player is killed? Say Player A kills Player B with a Head Shot; I want to display a GameObject that tells Player A that he got a "HeadShot". I've got the points and headshot going the right way but...
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    Climbing Ladder

    I was just thinking of doing this the other day! Hence why I am on this thread, to see if anyone has come up with a climbing ability! I was going to try and update the ability from the first version of the character but not too sure how that would go seeing the entire character has been redone!