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The LedgeStrafe ability allows the character to place their back against the wall and strafe left or right. During this time the character is not able to use their item. This ability is ideal for strafing along a high cliff and the character doesn't want to fall.

The character searches for a ledge to be able to strafe on by the StrafeLayer. In order for the ability to start the character must be a maximum of StartStrafeDistance away from the object. As soon as the ability is activated the character will move to the strafing point at a minimum normalized speed of Min Move To Target Speed and have a offset of StrafeOffset. The character will then continue to be able to strafe along the ledge as long as the ledge angle is less then StrafeAngleThreshold. The StrafeRotationSpeed value specifies how quickly the character can rotate while strafing.

Start Strafe Distance
The maximum amount of distance that the character can start to strafe from

Strafe Layer
The layers that can be used to strafe on

Min Move To Target Speed
The normalized speed to move to the strafe point

Strafe OFfset
The offset between the strafe point and the point that the character should strafe

Strafe Angle Threshold
Can move and continue to strafe behind objects as long as the new strafe object has a normal angle difference less than this amount

Strafe Rotation Speed
The speed that the character can rotate while strafing

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