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The Adventure Creator integration enables the Third Person Controller character controller to be used with the Adventure Creator framework. The following steps are required to have your character work with Adventure Creator:

  1. Create your character like normal through the Character Builder.
  2. Add the Adventure Creator Player component.
  3. Set the Player Animation Engine to Custom and Motion Control to Manual.

  4. Add the Adventure Creator Controller Bridge component. This can be found on the Integrations page.

  5. Set the Player within the Character settings section of the Adventure Creator Settings Manager.

With this setup Adventure Creator will take control of the character when it needs to (such as during cutscenes). For all other times the Third Person Controller will have control.

If you are trying the Adventure Creator sample scene you should do the following:

  1. Import Adventure Creator.
  2. Import the Third Person Controller.
  3. Import the Adventure Creator integration assets.
  4. Import the Adventure Creator sample scene.
  5. Open Third Person Controller/Third Party/Adventure Creator/Sample/scene.unity.
  6. Click on Third Person Controller/Third Party/Adventure Creator/Samples/Adventure Creator Sample_ManagerPackage.asset so it opens in the Unity inspector.
  7. Click "Assign Managers" within the inspector.
  8. Play.

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