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The SpeedChange ability allows the character to move at a slower or faster rate. This ability is used to add a run or a sprint to the character. Optionally a stamina can be used to prevent character from sprinting too long.

If your character uses root motion the SpeedChange ability will not directly multiply the speed by the Speed Change Multiplier. It will instead multiply the Forward and Horizontal Input parameters belonging to the Animator Controller. This allows the movement blend tree to change the speed by playing a slower or faster movement animation.

Speed Change Multiplier
The speed multiplier when the ability is active

Can Aim
Can the ability be active while the character is aiming?

Use Stamina
Should the character have stamina while in a different speed?

Max Stamina
The amount of stamina the character has

Stamina Decrease Rate
The rate at which the stamina decreases while in a different speed

Stamina Increase Rate
The rate at which the stamina increases while not in a different speed

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