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The Character Builder is an editor script which will add all of the character-related components to your new character. The Character Builder can be accessed from the Start Window or the Tools menu. The Character Builder consists of two steps in order to create your character.

Model Type
Is a humanoid or a generic model going to be used? If a humanoid is going to be used the avatar bones must first be configured.

The GameObject that will be used at the character. This is the base layer of your character and will have the majority of the components added to it.

Movement Type
Combat movement allows the character to move backwards and strafe. If the character has a camera following it then the character will always be facing in the same direction as the camera. Adventure movement always moves the character in the direction they are facing and the camera can be facing any direction. Top down movement moves rotates the character in the direction of the mouse and moves relative to the camera. More information is available on the controller page.

Is AI Agent
Is this character going to be used for AI? Some components (such as PlayerInput) do not need to be added if the character is an AI agent.

Is Networked
Is this character going to be used on the network with Unity 5's networking implementation?

Add IK
Should the CharacterIK component be added?

Add Standard Abilities
Should the Jump and Fall abilities be added?

Add Ragdoll
Do you want to add a ragdoll to the character?

If Add Ragdoll is enabled, as soon as Build is clicked the Character Builder will open Unity's Ragdoll Builder. All of the character's transforms will automatically be added to the Ragdoll Builder fields:

Your character is now created and is ready to be used!

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