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The ThrowableItem component gives the character the ability to thrown an item. Any item can be thrown such as grenades, baseballs, water balloons, etc. The GameObject that the ThrowableItem component attaches to is not the actual object that is thrown the ThrownObject variable specifies this instead. The ThrowableItem component works with the Inventory to determine how many items can be thrown.

The ThrowableItem component implements to the IUseableItem interface and will wait until the Used method is called before actually letting go of the object. The Used method is called when an animation event is fired at the throw point of the throw animation. It is at this point that the ThrowableItem will spawn the ThrownObject. This ThrownObject must implement the IThrownObject interface so a force can be applied to the object.

Can Use In Air
Can the item be used in the air?

Thrown Object
The object that can be thrown. Must have a component that implements IThrownObject

Throw Rate
The number of objects that can be thrown per second

Throw Force
The force applied to the object thrown

Throw Torque
The torque applied to the object thrown

A random spread to allow some inconsistency in each throw

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