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After the Item has been created it will need to be correctly positioned in the character’s hand. If you assigned the Item to the character with the Item Builder it will already be parented to the dominant hand specified with the Character Builder. If the Item is stored as a prefab within your project you have the option of assigning it to an existing character within the Item’s inspector:

Now the item can be positioned. When positioning the Item the goal is to have the Item aiming at the crosshairs. The first step to accomplish this is to turn on the AlwaysAim property on the RigidbodyCharacterController. This will make the character always extend his arms to aim and is easier to orient the weapon.

In addition to enabling AlwaysAim, the CharacterIK component should be disabled. This will prevent the IK from rotating the limbs while positioning the Item.

The next step is to assign the Item’s ItemType to the Inventory’s default loadout so the character will have the Item at the start.

Now that the controller is set to AlwaysAim and the ItemType has been added to the Inventory’s Default Loadout the Item is ready to be positioned. Start the game within Unity and find your character and the Item. It should be enabled and the character’s arms should be in the aim position. The next step is to manually position the Item so it is facing forward.

Once you are satisfied with the Item’s position and rotation go to the Item’s Transform component and copy the values (available under the gear icon). This will copy the position and rotation values to the clipboard.

End the game and select the gear icon again. Instead of copying the values select “Paste Component Values”. Your item will now be positioned correctly the next time you start the game.

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