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The bow can initially be setup like as a standard Shootable Weapon with the Item Builder however because it has an arrow which rests on the bow there is one extra step involved. The first step is to open the Item Builder and fill out the following:

In this screenshot the Bow ItemType has already been created with the ItemType Builder. The Base object references the actual bow model. The name of the Bow is the name that is used within the Animator Controller.

Once you hit assign the bow will then be added to the character. Navigate to the bow within the scene hierarchy and find the Shootable Weapon component. Within this component you will want to modify the Fire Type to Charge and Hold and then use the following set of values for the fields under the Projectile Options foldout:

Projectile: The actual arrow that is shot by the bow. This is a prefab which has the Projectile component added to it.

Projectile Always Visible: Should the projectile be visible when the character has the bow equipped?

Projectile Rest Location: If the projectile is always visible, this field specifies where the projectile should actually spawn at. In this example a new GameObject has been created underneath the bow item.

Projectile Rest Parent: Specifies the parent of the spawned rest projectile.

Once you've setup these options you have setup a bow! A complete bow example is available within the clean and adventure scenes.

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