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This integration is available on the Integrations page.

The PuppetMaster integration adds advanced ragdoll physics to your character. PuppetMaster sits on top of the Third Person Controller and will notify the Third Person Controller when it goes into full ragdoll mode. Two steps are required in order to allow PuppetMaster to work with the Third Person Controller.

The first step is to add the PuppetController integration component to the same GameObject that has the PuppetMaster component. This will be a separate GameObject from the character. Make sure you assign the two fields - Puppet and Controller.

The second step is to add the BehaviourPuppet and BehaviourFall states to the base layer of your characters animator controller. You can copy these states from an existing PuppetMaster controller.

The PuppetMaster developer made a Third Person Controller integration video and that can be found here. Note that this video is using an older version of the Third Person Controller so setup is much easier now.

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