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The Third Person Controller is the ultimate third person, networking, and mobile framework. The Third Person Controller is extremely flexible and can be used with Behavior Designer for lifelike AI agents.

The base directory has the following structure:

Third Person Controller/Demos
Third Person Controller/Editor
Third Person Controller/Integrations
Third Person Controller/Scripts

The Demos folder contains the various genre demos. The Demos folder does not contain any of the Third Person Controller folder and can safely be removed if you arenít using any of the assets within that folder. If you delete the Demos folder ensure you have replaced all of the animations within the Animator Controller to your own animations.

The full source code can be downloaded from this page. Before you import the source code ensure that you have first read this page. In addition, you'll notice that the Third Person Controller includes wrapper components which allow you to easily switch between the assembly and source code version without losing any references.

Importing Source Code ->