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The Infinite Runner Starter Pack is a feature complete toolkit for any game within the endless runner genre. It is the original 3D infinite runner toolkit on the Asset Store and appeared in the keynote at Unity's annual conference, Unite 2013.

The starter pack is designed to easily incorporate your own look just by swapping out prefabs. Scripts are written in c# and are optimized/well commented. Works with both Unity and Unity pro. Unity 5 is fully supported.


  • Mobile friendly
  • Touch / accelerometer controls
  • Infinite object generation
  • Object pooling
  • Optional chase object
  • Obstacles, coins, secondary coins, and power ups
  • Attacks
  • Appearance probabilities
  • Appearance rules
  • Object sections
  • Track turns, crossroads, curves, height variations, and jumps
  • 3 slot track system or free horizontal movement
  • Revivals
  • Scene objects
  • Store and missions
  • Mecanim animation support
  • Fading curved vertex transformation shader
  • Camera side view
  • Custom audio
  • Starting tutorial
  • Coin collection animation
  • Complete set of GUI screens
  • NGUI and uGUI support
  • Game Center integration
  • Facebook and Twitter links
  • Custom editor scripts


Infinite Runner Starter Pack Pro

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Asset Store Reviews

Whoa, I get all this in a starter pack? Super !!
If you have a vision, grand or small, for a game in the runner genre, this is THE starter pack worth every penny and then some.
I have tried other "runner" starter packs but abandoned efforts after futile attempts at support or lack of features. Opsive to the rescue!

Great Kit even Better Support
The Infinite Runner Starter Pack pro, is a very feature heavy pack, that has just about everything you could be looking for in a 3D runner base. It's very mobile friendly even on older devices (runs just fine on my myTouch Slide 4G (Android 2.3.2). The support is excellent, and I could not recommend thick pack more!

Awesome pack
Love this toolkit.
If you want to create games in the Endless Runner genre, and you want to start it fast, then this is the toolkit for you. Filled with lots of important features, which is a must for any game.
Worth every penny.

Absolutely Great
Best thing on asset store !!!